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i finished reading a dogs way home and first thing this morning was a plan to write a review i was luckily chosen by the publisher to read an advanced copy of the book, a classic story of unwavering loyalty and incredible devotion a dogs way home is a beautifully told charming tale that explores the unbreakable bond between us and our pets this fantastic and exhilarating journey of the heart is in the same tradition as the beloved bestseller a dogs purpose, a dogs way home may well be w bruce camerons best dog story book yet being chosen to receive an advance reader copy of a dogs way home from the publisher was very fortunate for me as i am a devoted fan of this authors books that are told from the perspective of the dogs heart and mind, a dogs way home bobbie pyron on free shipping on qualifying offers set in the blue ridge mountains a dogs way home is an unforgettable tale of the many miles a dogs way home is at times hilarious at times mystical at times pageturningly suspenseful the heartbeat of this story like the strong heartbeat of the sheltie at its center will stay with you for a very very long time, community reviews a dogs way home by bobbie pyron is a book about a girl named abby who has a dog named tam who got lost in a car accident i really like this book because it switches perspectives from the dog tam to abby each chapter although tam doesnt talk it is also amazing how close they were to each other all the time, the latest book from bestselling author w bruce cameron a dogs purpose is a dogs way home the heartwarming and exciting story of a stray pit bull named bella who becomes separated from , quantity set in the blue ridge mountains a dogs way home is an unforgettable tale of the many miles months and mountains that divide two loyal friendsbut that cant possibly keep them apart abby knows that tam her shetland sheepdog is her north star and shes pretty certain shes his too a dogs way home summary study guide description the responding animal control agent chuck has been paid off by gunter to report bella as a pit bull and to confiscate her as pit bulls are an illegal breed bella is taken away but the help of lucass girlfriend olivia and the help of his high school buddy wayne, a dogs way home reminds me of the many great stories i read as a kid its a powerful tale of the inner strength to believe in our friendships even when the odds are against us the unique storytelling each chapter toggles back and forth from the voices of abby and tam helps us understand their points of view

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