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w bruce cameron is the 1 new york times and usa today bestselling author of a dogs purpose and a dogs way home both now major motion pictures a dogs journey soon to be a major motion picture the dogs of christmas the dog master ellies story baileys story shelbys story the midnight plan of the repo man and othershe lives in california, have the right reasons the only responsible reason to breed is based on previous experience and research if you have spent the last two or more years training working and competing your dog you are a good candidate for breeding dogs, great search tools to help you find the right type of dog or other pet that matches your lifestyle take a breed quiz, dog breeding is a science of heredity and canine genetics check out our guide to learn how to breed dogs that are healthy and genetically sound the domestic dog canis lupus familiaris when considered a subspecies of the wolf or canis familiaris when considered a distinct species is a member of the genus canis canines which forms part of the wolflike canids and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore the dog and the extant gray wolf are sister taxa as modern wolves are not closely related to the wolves that were first , tips on the proper way to walk your dog the boxer on the right used to get into awful bloody fights with the two white great pyrenees that were very difficult to break up we began to correct the dogs using natural dog behavior techniques, dogs your ultimate information guide to dog breeds puppy training dog training dog health issues and health care from scruffy mutts to pampered pooches, rescue dogs match is a not for profit 100 volunteerrun organization dedicated to protecting dogs in need learn more welcome to if you are a fan of the wonderful australian cattle dog aka blue heeler red heeler or queensland heeler researching breeds or if you just bumped into us by accident come in and browse around a spell, a dogs way home bobbie pyron on free shipping on qualifying offers set in the blue ridge mountains a dogs way home is an unforgettable tale of the many miles

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