A Dogs Way Home

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directed by charles martin smith with kimi alexander farrah aviva chris bauer rolando boyce a dog travels 400 miles in search of her owner, watch a dogs way home in theaters january 11 and witness the heartwarming adventure of a dogs 400mile journey to find her owner after they were separated, a dogs way home doesnt do anything new with the formula but it does deliver exactly what it promises a movie thats cute with just enough tension to not scare youngsters, a dogs way home 2019 movie is an upcoming american family drama film directed by charles martin smith and written by w bruce cameron and cathryn michon based on the book by w bruce cameron a dogs way home highlights the plight of a pitbull mix dog in a town that does not allow this breed of dog bella was rescued by her owner from living under a house that was to be demolished only to be separated from her owner due to the breed specific law, those predisposed to emotional manipulation by dogs at play and in peril will be easily swayed by director charles martin smiths a dogs way home based on the bestselling novel by w , a dogs way home synopsis bella the dog embarks on an epic 400mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner read full synopsis cast crew charles , a dogs way home is a 2019 american family adventure film directed by charles martin smith and written by w bruce cameron and cathryn michon a dogs way home chronicles the heartwarming adventure of bella a dog who embarks on an epic 400mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human lucas an aspiring medical student and va hospital volunteer, a dogs way home may well be w bruce camerons best dog story book yet being chosen to receive an advance reader copy of a dogs way home from the publisher was very fortunate for me as i am a devoted fan of this authors books that are told from the perspective of the dogs heart and mind

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