Are You Using The Right Dog Brush

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when youre unsure if youre using the right dog brush or youre just in the market for a new onehow do you start the hunt picking the right tool to give your dog a shiny healthy and comfortable coat really just comes down to a simple consideration how does the hair category fit the brush category if the two match up you and your dog are good to go of course the way you brush is important too well cover that later step one choose your dogs hair type, the trick to finding the best brush for dogs is in understanding what type of coat your pooch has 1your dogs coat will determine the type of doggy brush you use and the method that you use , when my human read the title of the post there was screaming and a quick trip to the bathroom i thought i heard theres no such thing as the right dog brush and a little later thank god its a human toothbrush jeez read the entire post not just the title, choosing the right brush for your pet is an important first step for even the most basic home grooming brush types although there are many different shapes and sizes there are basically three different brush types well by using the best dog brush thats what were going to talk about in this article here well give you a lot of knowledge on how to groom your dog, everything you need to know about dog shedding brushes including why use them tips to cut down on shedding and our top picks for the best brushes with pros cons and pricing for each, regular brushing and grooming is an important part of dog ownership so make sure you have the right tools for the job our top pick for most dogs is the oster 2in1 combo brush because it is , making sure that you select the right brush for the job is essential to for reducing shedding and making your pets coat look the best that it can slicker brushes slicker brushes are generally rectangular in shape and have very fine metal bristles you should use a slicker brush to eliminate all mats from your dogs coat before using this furminator tool otherwise the brush will pull on the mats and your dog will feel a lot of pain after all furminator is a great grooming tool for dogs and it is highly reviewed by professional groomers pet owners and veterinarians, when you use the right type of brush your pet will most likely enjoy being groomed if your pet is showing signs of pain or discomfort you might be using the wrong kind of brush on the other hand if he is happy to sit in your lap and be groomed you are probably on the right track

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