First Custom 2011 Chrysler 300c Car Tuning

And that’s with more gizmos. The UConnect system adds a Wi-Fi hot spot and smart-phone app that allows remote starting and other adjustments, and there are optional heated and cooled cupholders in the console. The rest is largely enhancement to various safety systems. The forward collision warning adds autonomous brake operation at lower speeds, which means it will begin applying the brakes even if the driver doesn’t. The lane assist can add a nudge of steering if the 300 wanders, and the aggressiveness of the nudge can be adjusted by the driver. The adaptive cruise control now operates to a complete stop, and it will accelerate again if the car is stationary less than two seconds. Theoretically it will work with the ebb and flow of stop-and-go traffic without driver intervention.

Chrysler says 300 owners have the broadest demographic spread among those buying any of its vehicles, based on age and income. That might explain a price span exceeding 50 percent from the least expensive 300 to the most expensive. At $32,390 with the $995 destination charge, the base Limited comes with leather, UConnect, heated front seats and 17-inch wheels. It’s offered with all the safety options, and AWD adds $2,500.

Next up is the 300 S ($35,890), with sport suspension, paddle shifts, standard Beats audio and 20-inch Hyper Black finish wheels The Hemi is $3,000 more. The 300 C ($38,890) comes with 18-inch wheels and adds ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and a leather upgrade. The new C Platinum gets that fanciest interior, high-watt Alpine audio and 20-inch wheels. At $43,390 before AWD, the Hemi or some of the safety options, it’s expected to account for 5 percent of sales.

The current Chrysler 300 increased sales nearly 50 percent over its four-year run. Through its final year, it has expanded Chrysler’s share of the large sedan market 2.5 percent, as that market as a whole was flat. And in our estimation, the 2015 300 is substantially improved.

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