Indian startup Vazirani Automotive used last week's 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed for the premiere of a wild supercar concept the company hopes to put into production someday.

Vazirani is the creation of Indian automotive designer Chunky Vazirani, and its concept is an extended-range electric supercar called the Shul.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind the "Gran Turismo" video game series, is thought to have guided Vazirani's design team in penning the lines of the exterior, which, perhaps because of color selection, reminds us of the Tuatara concept unveiled by SSC North America back in 2011.

The goal of the Shul's designers was a supercar with head-turning design but an alternative powertrain, in this case a four-motor electric powertrain with a micro-turbine doing range-extending duty. The Ren supercar from Chinese startup Techrules features similar technology, and another Chinese startup by the name of Hybrid Kinetic is hoping to launch a whole family of luxury cars with micro-turbine range-extended electric powertrains.

Chunky Vazirani

Chunky Vazirani

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