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personnel assigned to the crime scene investigation section will be responsible for investigating the scene of reported criminal activity and process crime related items in an effort to identify the method the crime was committed and those responsible for the crime, crime scene investigations reallife science activities for the elementary grades 1st edition, this is a video produced by the fbi in the 1960s a lot has changed since then but a lot remains the same as well this isnt a completely awful guide to searching a scene, by daryl w clemens burglary defined burglary is sometimes also known as home invasion or breaking and entering the unlawful entry into the premises of another with intent to commit a felony usually larceny therein fbi handbook of crime scene forensics the authoritative guide to navigating crime scenes federal bureau of investigation federal bureau of investigation jacqueline fish on free shipping on qualifying offers guidance and procedures for safe and efficient methods from the fbis laboratory division and operational technology divisionbbrbrthe ifbi handbook of crime , take a tour of a forensic biology lab if you want to learn all about forensics and how to solve mysteries and crimes using the science of forensics take a virtual tour of this lab, when we think of a person faking a crime scene our first thought is usually that its the original criminal trying to cover his or her tracks but sometimes police officers are so eager to meet their arrest quotas that they go that extra mile, the kids ahead program is an initiative to increase the number of kids with science technology engineering and mathematics stem competencies and interests crime scene investigators help law enforcement officers by painstakingly collecting and analyzing all types of evidence forensic findings provide clues that can help identify suspects who may have committed heinous crimes solid evidence helps police obtain a confession, forensic evidence is crucial to crime scene investigatorswitnesses may be unreliable and memories might be foggy but scientific evidence doesnt lie if handled properly forensics can make or break any trial against dangerous criminals

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