How To Help Your Pet With Separation Anxiety

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separation anxiety is a serious condition so its best to consult a veterinarian to help ease your pets anxiety youll know if your dog has noise aversion or anxiety if they freak out , if possible change your departure routine this an excellent way how to help a dog with separation anxiety eat breakfast before taking a shower or pick up the keys and then watch tv instead of leaving home right away this way your pets anxiety will decrease as he wont be able to identify your departure cues natural remedies can help too, tips to calm your dogs separation anxiety separation anxiety happens when a dog thats hyperattached to his owner gets signs of separation anxiety a dog who has it shows a lot of stress when hes alone how to treat it first talk to your vet to rule out any medical problems if the , fortunately there are plenty of alternative arrangements if possible take your dog to work with you arrange for a family member friend or dog sitter to come to your home and stay with your dog take your dog to a sitters house or to a doggy daycare many dogs suffering from separation if your dog has a mild case of separation anxiety counterconditioning might resolve it what is counterconditioning counterconditioning is the process of changing a fearful anxious or aggressive reaction to a pleasant relaxed one instead, dog separation anxiety is a very stressful behavioral issue that effects a huge percentage of the dog population possibly as high as 14 it is one of the most misunderstood issues people try to treat it by approaching it from a human point of view and therefore fail to see the cause, crate training to avoid dog separation anxiety when you are home have your dog familiar with being in the crate start with short periods and then increase the time he spends in it feed him in the crate let him have his favorite bone to be used as a stress reliever while he is in there, how to stop separation anxiety in dogs as a pet parent your goal is to find the best calming anxiety treatments for your pet treating separation anxiety in dogs does not require a medical professional and you can succeed on your own with persistent work and dedication introducing sam to the family didnt help resolve daisys mild separation anxiety we had to work through the steps above will using a crate help with separation anxiety some people will crate their dog if they are being destructive or urinating in the house please be aware that in some cases this can make the situation worse, here are five tips to help ease separation anxiety 1 before you leave the house take your dog for a walk start your day by taking your dog for a brisk walk to make the walk even more rigorous use a dog backpack with extra weight in it then reward your dogs calmsubmissive energy with food and water

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