My New Plaid Pants Today


When it comes to '90s trends, we've beaten the horse dead. To a pulp even. At this point the horse is unrecognizable in its black choker and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy-inspired slip dress. Yet here I am, telling you to buy another item you loved as a tween, if only to justify my new obsession: plaid pants.

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Thanks to Instagram-adored brands like Miaou and I.AM.GIA (EmRata, Kaia Gerber, and Bella Hadid are all fans), plaid pants are omnipresent. From tartan checks to madras plaid, the pants clearly take inspiration from all your after school TV show faves (including Clarissa of Clarissa Explains it All and overshadowed style icon Miranda Sanchez from Lizzie McGuire) but now have a sophisticated edge.

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Grungier, Rayanne Graff-inspired tartan plaid is a current fan-favorite, but I'm fond of a softer check that reads more Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You, which is how I found myself owning this option from Urban Outfitters.

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Down for the trend? Shop more options below.

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