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jonbenét ramsey was born in 1990 in atlanta georgia the younger of two children of patsy 19562006 and john ramsey 1943 she had an older brother named burke 1987 her first name is a feminized portmanteau of her fathers first and middle names jonbenét was enrolled in kindergarten at high peaks elementary school in boulder colorado , who was jonbenét ramsey little beauty queen jonbenét ramsey was born on august 6 1990 in atlanta georgia the daughter of affluent parents patsy and john ramsey jonbenét was only six years , burke ramsey responded to people who still believe that he killed his younger sister jonbenét ramsey during the final segment of his threepart interview with dr phil on monday september 19 , in october 2016 burke ramsey older brother of jonbenét ramsey who was murdered in boulder on christmas day of 1996 filed a 150 million lawsuit against dr werner spitz a michiganbased 179 thoughts on who really killed jonbenet ramsey djoop january 1 2019 at 438 pm the rn strongly suggests patsys involvement but the 911 call so now what puts john in control hes also a lot older a succesful businessman likely dominant in that relation, after nearly two decades of silence burke ramsey the older brother of jonbenét ramsey has spoken out about what happened to her in december 1996 during the first and second installments this , jonbenet ramsey was found dead in her familys basement at age 6 in 1996 her father john ramsey shared his memories of his daughter whose case remains unsolved with abcs juju chang on nightline, cbs is about to be sued by jonbenet ramseys older brother two days after the network aired a documentary in which experts concluded the brother killed her burke ramseys lawyer l lin wood burke now 29 broke his silence in public for the first time in 20 years revealing to dr phil intimate details about what he can recall about his sisters murder i want to honor her , in 2008 john patsy and burke were formally cleared of any involvement in the childs death thendistrict attorney mary lacy wrote a letter to john saying that dna evidence cleared the trio

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