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although the joshua tree was named after the biblical prophet joshua the tree was never mentioned in the bible it is native to the americas rather than the middle east the joshua tree also known as the yucca palm from its scientific name yucca brevifola is found mostly in the mojave desert and other areas in the american west, in the bible according to joshua 8712 7 and ye shall rise up from the ambush and take possession of the city for jehovah your god will deliver it into your hand 8 and it shall be when ye have seized upon the city that ye shall set the city on fire according to the word of jehovah shall ye do see i have commanded you if you commit to fellowship long enough at joshua tree bible church you will be taught the whole counsel of gods word the whole bible act 2026 therefore we testify to you this day that we are innocent of the blood of all men act 2027 for we have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of god, the phrases are joshua tree in blue tree yucca brevifolia red and yucca palm yellow as you can see yucca palm was the mostoftenused common name for the tree in print for about 15 years after its first appearance in 1875 with tree yucca gaining prominence after that until about 1910 related video joshua tree bible related posts of joshua tree bible the origins of the races moses biblical family tree pictures to pin on pinterest hagar and ishmael oak of mamre abraham39s oak once attracted masses to genealogy of the house of saul, the joshua tree in scripture did you know that there is a joshua tree referred to in the scriptures its in the book of exodus as the children of israel leave egypt in their desert migration after the crossing of the red sea the children of israel yacob went three days journey in the wilderness and found no water

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