Kamala Harris Win Nomination For Attorney General 85 Flickr

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Kamala Harris Win Nomination For Attorney General 129 Flickr

kamla harris wins dem nomination for california ag indian american activist kamla harris has won the democratic party nomination for california attorney general giving her a chance to become the first woman to hold the office if she emerges victorious in the november race, kamala harris wins nomination for california attorney general steve rhodesflickr the democrats are currently about 57 to 43 favourites over the republicans to win the presidency, if you have any doubt that kamala harris but along the way it also reveals what she thinks it will take to win the general election provided she gets the nomination where she was raised to her experiences at historically black college howard university and her time as district attorney in san francisco fast forward to 2010 when she won the election for california attorney general in 2016 she ran for and won the california senate seat where she serves now senator harris is also a wife to douglas emhoff and a mother of two can kamala harris win the nomination and general election in 2020 kamala harris with her husband douglas emhoff, oddsmakers favoring kamala harris to win 2020 democratic presidential nomination barracuda brigade 20180813 but she definitely has a record from her time she was attorney general of california she was so far left that the 9th circuit overturned at least three of her decisions that i know of to win her partys nomination the , to win an election in the united states an individual must win the nomination of one of the two major parties i really dont think harris can do that in 2020 the 2020 democratic primaries are going to have a whole bunch of candidates and i dont see how she can really stand out meet the new attorney general same as the old attorney general 6 thoughts on kamala harris is not ready for democrat nomination prime time d3f1ant december 7 2018, sen kamala harris unique biography and unlikely political ascent might have been summed up best by a political strategist who incorrectly predicted her defeat in the 2010 california attorney generals racethere was no way i could win harris writes in her new memoir recalling the strategists, senator kamala d harris gives a floor speech against the nomination of jeff sessions as united states attorney general

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