Brabham BT62: A New Would Be Supercar Resurrects A Famous Name

Against expectations, the BT62’s core structure is made from steel rather than carbon fiber; Paul Birch says the fact the all-carbon Ford GT needed an exemption to race under World Endurance Championship regulations played a part in the decision. Exterior bodywork is carbon fiber, as is the minimal trim of the cabin, with half-height doors opening above large sills and interior amenities limited to a display screen for instrumentation and a console for haptic buttons. The suspension is via control arms at all four corners with pushrod-operated dampers and coilover springs. Overall length is 175.6 inches—a foot shorter than the Ford GT—while the Brabham’s 106.1-inch wheelbase is just 0.6 inch less. The transmission is a motorsport-grade six-speed sequential unit that drives the rear wheels. Brembo carbon-carbon brakes will be standard, and Birch says the car has been designed to run on slick tires capable of handling the huge aerodynamic forces. “It can actually go a lot higher than the 1200 kilos [2645 pounds] we are quoting,” he told Car and Driver at the launch event. “We picked that as a representative figure.”

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Brabham BT62: A New Would-Be Supercar Resurrects a Famous Name
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