Ferrari 488 GTO Gets Glorious Video Teaser

Take our 2017 Best Driver’s Car champ, give it 710 horsepower, trim 198 pounds from the overall weight, add the latest generation of Ferrari’s acclaimed vehicle dynamics software, overlay it all with aerodynamic tricks learned in the white-hot cauldron of Formula 1 racing, and what have you got? The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista, that’s what. And after some quick hot laps at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track and a short blast through the hills around Maranello in a gaudily camoed 488 Pista prototype, we can tell you this much: The best just got better.

The 488 Pista is the latest in a line of race-flavored mid-engine Ferrari road cars dating back to 2004’s 360 Challenge Stradale, and this is the most extreme of the lot. It’s also, paradoxically, the easiest of them all to drive. At any speed.

Technical director Frank Markus deconstructs the 488 Pista’s headline story—its staggeringly powerful and efficient twin-turbo V-8 engine—

here. And we gave you the lowdown on the car’s other tech highlights after its debut at the Geneva show. But it’s only out on the road and the track where the 488 Pista becomes more than an aggregation of numbers and factoids.