Ferrari Is Planning An All Electric Supercar

Pininfarina, an Italian car designing company announced on Friday that it is planning on creating its own electric battery powered car to run at a speed of more than 250 miles an hour. Pininfarina had designed some of Ferrari’s most famous cars in the past.

The car named PFO will be the product of Automobili Pininfarina which is a separate firm from the original designing house of the firm. The company is expecting the PFO to go limitless at a speed of 60 miles an hour in just 2 seconds. Pininfarina supercar will run 300 miles on a charge.

“It's not about what you will do with it but what you could do with it," Michael Perschke,” CEO Automobili Pininfarina, said in an interview with CNNMoney in New York.

“Only a relative handful of owners will likely test the car's ultimate potential,” he added.

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Pininfarina was founded in 1930 by Battista "Pinin" Farina. The company is known for building cars for companies like Alfa Romeo, Hispano-Suiza, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce and many others. The firm had become famous for its partnership with Ferrari at the beginning of 1950.

The two companies were working together for two long years but last year Ferrari decided to have their own designing house. Pininfarina has also designed boats, trains and high tech soda machines.

In 2015, India’s Mahindra Group acquired Pininfarina for worth about $195 million. Mahindra Group is a Mumbai based conglomerate company.

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