First Drive: PPI Razor GTR 10

Audi‘s R8 changed the sports car landscape and is, quite simply, brilliant. The V-10 powered Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro in particular is a rocket. It’s perhaps the finest car in its class, and has snatched the everyday supercar crown away from the Porsche 911. But the R8 could have been faster, harder, and tougher if Lamborghini wasn’t in the way, and if Audi was more brazen Italian hussy than conservative German. But that’s what tuners are for…

We’ve seen some truly immense R8s in recent months, but this one might be the maddest of the lot. This is the PPI Razor GTR 10, and it looks like it rolled off the set of the new Batman film. This 599-horsepower monster is that extreme — and more.

PPI is a relative newcomer to the Audi tuning fold. U.S. heart surgeon and wannabe car designer Benjamin Abraham hooked up with engineer-turned-kite-surfing-instructor Ronald Heubach to create the firm, which initially specialized in styling kits for lesser Volkswagen Group products. But when the R8 hit the market, Abraham bit the bullet and bought a development car. The firm is fast moving into the upper echelons of Audi tuning, and recently celebrated its fifth birthday with this $430,000 R8 V10 monster, along with an equally impressive Q7 it also developed. (A V-8 version of the R8 is also available.)

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