Marchionne Kills Lancia

@th009 “The automaker’s real product push comes in 2015 when Fiat brand launches four new models: a refreshed Freemont large minivan, an updated Linea compact sedan, a hatchback Linea variant and another model as yet unspecified.

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I believe this is what you refer to. It looks as vague as some articles I usually read at Quatro Rodas. The thing is, the current Linea is the Punto’s sedan version. The differences are the trunk, the frontend and a few tweaks to the dashboard. The rest is the same. I think they politely avoided to say that the current Punto will see yet another facelift after 2015. There’s no other way to read that, since in reality there’s no such thing as a Linea platform. Either that or they are actually talking about the Viaggio as the next Linea.

Be there as it may, Fiat must have a decent 208/Polo/Fiesta contender, and I don’t think a revamped Linea hatchback derivative is the answer. That might be that fourth unespecified model, who knows… It might even be 326 I was talking about.

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