McLaren BP23 Will Be Faster Than Original F1

McLaren’s three-seat replacement for the iconic F1 will be capable of exceeding 243mph (391km/h) when it goes on sale in 2019.

Codenamed the BP23 (Bespoke Project 2), McLaren’s latest creation will boast a top speed higher than the company’s legendary 1990s supercar, announced the British supercar maker over the weekend, when it also released of three new images including a rendering of its speedo that displays ‘243mph’ (391km/h).

Until now, McLaren hasn’t focused on trying to eclipse the original F1’s record-breaking 240.1mph (386.7km/h) maximum speed that was set back in 1998, instead focusing on handling and advanced aerodynamics producing lots of downforce.

>This changes with the BP23, which has already been billed by McLaren as a “Hyper-GT” – a car that blends grand touring luxury and comfort with hypercar levels of performance.

Reviving the novel three-seat arrangement of the original F1, the BP23’s 1+2-seat configuration can be clearly seen in this overhead teaser image (above).

McLaren has already confirmed it will makes just 106 BP23s — exactly the same number of F1s it manufactured between 1992 and 1998, with each rumoured to cost around $3.5 million.

>Set to be unveiled later this year before going on sale in 2019, the BP23 will come with an advanced hybrid powertrain that combines the car-maker’ latest 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 with an updated version of the firm’s Instant Power Assist System (IPAS).

In the McLaren P1, at least, IPAS acted like an F1-style KERS electric power unit that boosted the turbo V8’s output by an additional 131kW/260Nm in an instant when required.

Full technical details will be released later this year but expect the BP23 outputs to dwarf the P1’s 643kW and 750kW, which could be enough for the the three-seater to come close to a two-second 0-100km/h time.

>Already teased earlier this year by a bizarre widened 720S that featured the BP23’s central driving position, McLaren’s ‘Hyper-GT’ is likely to feature the brand’s trademark dihedral doors and shun the upcoming Senna’s gawky aero-enforced looks for more beautiful curves.

Despite sharing both its three-seat layout and a towering top speed with the ground-breaking F1, McLaren is keen not to market the BP23 as a direct replacement for the 1990s supercar.

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