Rimac\'s Second Electric Hypercar: 120kWh Battery And \'full Autonomy\'

Rimac is preparing to reveal its second all-electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. 

The new car codenamed the ‘Concept Two’  will be revealed on March 6th this year. 

Previously, Rimac has stated that this is a working title for the vehicle and the name will be revealed in Geneva along with its specs, design and pricing. 

Ahead of the launch the company has kept details about the Concept Two under wraps. 

However, Autocar claim that a source close to the company has revealed some key details about its performance, and specs. 

Source : https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/917798/Rimac-Concept-Two-electric-car-battery-power-autonomy

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