Scantily Clad Women Could Be Banned From All Sport

Millionaire Briton lost control of his car as he reversed the wrong way up the road

  • Jody Sanders, 39, smashed the £270,000 Rolls-Royce into a tobacco shop

  • Clip later showed angry locals confronting him after he narrowly missed them

  • He and two scantily-clad women left the scene without being breathalysed

  • He was later told it was a traffic violation rather than a crime and could be dealt with by £440 fine

  • By Gerald Couzens In Spain For Mailonline

    Published: 19:35 EDT, 1 May 2018 | Updated: 09:58 EDT, 2 May 2018


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    British playboy millionaire is let off with a £440 fine after he smashed his £270,000 Rolls-Royce into a Majorcan shop while driving two scantily clad women through the island
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