The Most Expensive Cars In The World

THE international artist Shalimar Sharbatli drew on the most expensive car in the world (Pajani Zonda), in Italy, after she was contacted by the Pagani museum organizers offering her to paint their car, not to be used, but to be put in the Pagani museum that was founded by “Horatio Pagani” to cherish the most famous and expensive car’s journey in the world, estimated under $3.5 million.

The museum includes a variation of limited edition cars that is only made by order, as Pagani didn’t produce this car for nearly 23 years and has only 203 cars, which means 10 cars a year, to its name.

He decided that Shalimar would paint with the car as the canvas, so it would be treasured in the museum after the production of Zonda was stopped to eventually be placed with the most important designs of "Pagani" in the museum. This includes Pagani’s full journey with designs and production, from his designs for cars and aircrafts as a small child, to the latest copies of his new car "Pagani Huayra."

Sharbatli said: “I was very happy with this productive cooperation with the largest car companies in the world. This collaboration highlights what the “Moving Art” can do to enrich the values and uses of art.”

She added, “I’m delighted to be cooperating with the top of the design art world in the country of art and civilization "Italy", and am happy to be the first female artist to draw on cars in this ancient country.’

She also said that after she finishes painting the car, it will take a short tour to end up at the Pagani Museum. It will be first shown at the Torino Museum and then go to Formula 1 in France on May 24, 25 and 26, with the participation of Horatio Pajani — the founder of the company.

This time the cooperation also included the company "Vulizo", which manufactures the leather of luxury cars and private aircrafts. She also painted the internal leather of the car, and this work will be documented as a short film that is currently being prepared.

Sharbatli has previously painted a car for Ed Design, the owner of the world's top 10 cars, for Lamborghini, Ferrari and others. The great artist Sharbatli chose to draw on the world's first high technology car, "Formula 1 Monaco ", which is the first edition to be distributed to the world's exhibitions.

When the management of the Hotel Negresco saw this car in Monaco 1, it determined to host it in the main lobby of the hotel. This time, however, she cooperated with Pajani, the producer of the car, as well as the Vulizio company, which manufactures the Pajani Zonda leather.

It is known that this car represents a great cultural and technological leap in the world of cars, which requires only 3.4 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km/s. — SG

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