This 1341bhp Taiwanese EV Prototype Hits 60mph In 1.8 Seconds

A new Taiwanese car maker says it’s building a one-megawatt electric supercar that accelerates even faster than the 2020 Tesla Roadster.

Xing Mobility says it sees the Roadster’s 0-60mph sprint of 1.9 seconds and laughs in its face: Xing’s oddly-named Miss R prototype will do it in just 1.8. Admittedly, both would feel fast enough to rip your head clean off, but bragging rights are bragging rights…

Although the Miss R doesn’t look anything like any finished supercar that it might build might, and is just an eye-catching housing for the development drivetrain, it contains a 4116-cell, 98-module battery with one of the highest power densities of any car-powering battery on the market.

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This 1341bhp Taiwanese EV Prototype Hits 60mph In 1.8 Seconds
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