Top 10 Movie Cars Of All Time

Rabid Mad Max fans eagerly awaited the return of the franchise when Mad Max: Fury Road was announced for a 2015 launch, three decades after the last installment. But few expected the movie to be packed with so many wild and innovative vehicles. It could certainly be argued that this latest movie had more interesting cars and trucks than any Mad Max before it. Perhaps the wildest of them all is the Gigahorse. 

This beast looks like it should exist entirely in CG. But no, this is a real thing. Double '59 Cadillac bodies ride atop a massive truck chassis powered by twin Chevy big block V-8s that have both been supercharged. All that power turns massive tractor tires that give this monster the stance of a funny car dragster from the 1970s—on stilts.

Though the Gigahorse doesn't really do too much in terms of typical movie car stunts, it's so cool to look at that it's captivating to watch the thing just driving straight through the desert. The most memorable scene with the 'horse is in the long final chase of the movie, as the convoy enters a tight canyon, Max (Tom Hardy), Furiousa (Charlese Theron) and their crew finally kill Immortan Joe, the bad guy driving the Gigahorse.  

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