What\'s Coming Up In Melbourne And Out Of Town

Maurice Maio is the owner of San Diego Beach King, a vacation rental business in Mission Beach. But he didn’t sound like royalty on Tuesday, one day after the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance restricting short-term rentals and eliminated a proposal by the mayor to make an exception for the popular beach and bayside community.

“Eighty percent of the homes [using short-term rental accommodations] will be affected,” Maio said. “I think we’re likely to see a ghost town effect in Mission Beach.”

With roughly 44% of its housing stock estimated to be short-term rentals, Mission Beach is considered ground zero in the great debate over how San Diego should regulate home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb.

Supporters of the new rule considered the 6-3 vote by the City Council a great victory, but others see it as a dire economic threat.

Source : http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/california/la-me-san-diego-rentals-20180718-story.html

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