World’s First Off Road Electric Supercar Has Been Spied Testing With 0 60mph In 1.8 SECONDS

THE world's first off-road electric supercar has been spotted out testing its incredible speed.

Taiwanese company XING Mobility are behind the brand new MISS R supercar, which has been tipped become the fastest production car in the world.

 The world's first off-road electric supercar has been revealed>Cover Images>
The world's first off-road electric supercar has been revealed

Boasting an impressive 1,341bhp, the car can allegedly accelerate from 0-60mph in just 1.8 seconds.

The motor is being marketed as the first of its kind to be able to tackle a range of terrains, with testing footage showing the car performing at high speeds on a harsh gravel track.

The company also claim the supercar’s four 350V motors and 1 Megawatt battery pack could allow it to reach staggering performance levels of 0-120mph in as little as 5.1 seconds.

XING Mobility tested the vehicle in an off-road setting, enabling the company to gain feedback on the supercar’s durability, handling, suspension and power-distribution in off-road mode - as well as making use of its changeable tyre and bumper set for the first time.

 The MISS R prototype was spotted testing this week>Cover Images>
The MISS R prototype was spotted testing this week
 XING mobility is trying to encourage manufacturers of all vehicle types to go electric with their 3.5 ton truck>Cover Images>
XING mobility is trying to encourage manufacturers of all vehicle types to go electric with their 3.5 ton truck

The flashy supercar also features a unique immersive-cooled battery pack, which could prevent the car from overheating at high speeds.

The company revealed MISS R at the AutoTronics show in Taipei earlier this month, alongside a 3.5 ton electric truck named "Mr.T".

According to the manufacturer, the two vehicles were displayed together to "represent XING’s mission of empowering any and every vehicle maker of any size to go electric".

 The supercar could be faster than a Tesla Roadster>Cover Images>
The supercar could be faster than a Tesla Roadster

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The electric vehicle maker is currently working with commercial and industrial vehicle makers to apply technology from MISS R in city buses, ride-sharing scooters, construction equipment and special-purpose boats.

XING Mobility co-founder and CTO, Azizi Tucker, said:  “The commercial vehicle market is primed for a conversion to electric drivetrains due to functional needs, increasing emissions requirements and public noise reduction.

"However, this market is currently extremely under served with many electric vehicle technology manufacturers focusing only on passenger vehicles”.

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World’s first off-road electric supercar has been spied testing with 0-60mph in 1.8 SECONDS
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