Samsung The Wall Tv Price 219 Inch

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samsung debuts massive 219 inch tv called the wall at ces i suspect the wall wont be consumerfriendly in price anytime soon if ever so i dont think many of us will need to think about , last year samsung showed off the wall as a 146inch tv this year that tv has expanded to 219 inches and theres a good reason for that this year that tv has expanded to 219 inches and , shopping samsung selling 219inch tv called the wall and its breathtaking the whopping tv from the electrical giant measures an astonishing 219 inches top stories, update at ces 2019 we saw samsungs new 75inch microled and a larger 219inch version of the wall this story has been updated accordingly this story has been updated accordingly tech giant samsung upped its game this year at the ces show in las vegas by unveiling its massive 219inch tv called the wall samsung showed off the massive television which boasts , this week on ces 2019 samsung has reportedly showcased the new range of ultralarge television which comes with a 219inch diagonal at this years ces 2019 samsungs future ultra large tvs are regarded as the wall these tvs are powered by samsungs micro led technology which offers crisps and high brightness along with deep inky black, samsung just unveiled a 219inch tv its calling the wall last year the company unveiled a 146inch model obviously this year they decided to outdo themselves by increasing the size by 50 , samsung showed off a massive 219 inch tv thats more than 18 feet at the ces technology show in las vegas the tv is called the wall no you will never fit a 219inch tv in your living room but dont let that stop you from drooling over samsungs 219inch micro led showstopper of a screen on display at ces 2019 for the first , tvs samsungs the wall makes massive 146inch modular tv a reality using a modular display technology samsung calls microled the wall is truly gigantic and shipping this year

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