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samsungs the wall a 146inch modular tv with microled technology delivers incredible definition without restrictions to size resolution or form it is a selfemitting tv with micrometer µm scale leds which are much smaller than current leds and serve as their own source of light, samsung the wall behind the greatness of microled display technology take display technology to the next levelbeyond lcd and led signagewith samsungs the wall a microled display that delivers a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black true color and epic clarity, the name of the tv itself however is entirely appropriate the wall microled is based on samsungs designed for movie theaters the wall is the housesize version a mere 146 inches diagonal thats a tv over 10 feet wide and almost 6 feet tall and it could get even bigger, the wall steinway lyngdorf samsung and steinway lyngdorf two leaders in their respective fields of display and audio have come together to deliver a next generation audiovisual experience unlike any other with the wall a stateoftheart microled display and model b an exquisitely refined audio system face the greatness of a true collaborative masterpiece samsungs 146inch the wall tv is now available for order but its making another stop first samsung has begun taking orders on the microled set it unveiled earlier this year at ces but for now the company is limiting the orders to businesses and then will make it available to consumers according to a report from sammobile, samsungs microled wall is the distant future of tv your next tv almost certainly wont be microled or even the one after that someday though it could become the industry standard one thats bigger brighter and more beautiful than almost anything on the market today, samsungs absurd 146inch tv is an entire wall hence its name the wall unless you own a movie theater perhaps but you probably dont this hulking 146inch tv isnt just huge its also sporting a fancy display technology known as microled which samsung says is at the heart of the screen of the future so whats the big deal heres what we know, ars at ces 2018 samsung claims the tech allows the wall to produce 2000 nits of brightness which is much higher than average microled is generally said to offer a lower response time and longer lifespan than oled too the problem has been reliably producing it in tvsize screens but samsung is at least going for it here the wall uses microled technology for a picture that rivals oled the wall has a bezelless design that samsung describes as modulebased samsung says this approach will ultimately allow customers to create a tv sized just for their needs the company isnt yet revealing many specifics on how that will work however, samsung sees its wall concept as an interactive screen that fits into your home rather than appearing as a massive black rectangle when turned off the screen can be set to display pieces of art

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