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samsungs the wall a 146inch modular tv with microled technology delivers incredible definition without restrictions to size resolution or form it is a selfemitting tv with micrometer µm scale leds which are much smaller than current leds and serve as their own source of light, samsung the wall behind the greatness of microled display technology take display technology to the next levelbeyond lcd and led signagewith samsungs the wall a microled display that delivers a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black true color and epic clarity, samsungs the wall makes massive 146inch modular tv a reality using a modular display technology samsung calls microled the wall is truly gigantic and shipping this year, the wall steinway lyngdorf extraordinary greatness is the outcome of successful concert between worldclass innovators samsung and steinway lyngdorf two leaders in their respective fields of display and audio have come together to deliver a next generation audiovisual experience unlike any other at ces 2019 samsung showed off two new versions of this microled technology the first was an even larger version of the wall stretching the massive tv from the 146inches we saw in 2018 to a jaw , tvs samsung will shrink the wall tv for your home in 2019 and if youve got the budget and the space the wall enters mass production in september, samsung isnt calling this thing the wall for nothing at 146 inches its more than double the size of most home sets, a wall everyone can get behind samsungs the wall tv is a modular 146inch monster that uses microled unlike many wacky ces tv concepts it may actually hit the market this year at a samsung tv event this morning the company announced that their massive 146inch 4k tv made of microled panels aptly named the wall will be available for consumers to buy this august, the wall has a bezelless design that samsung describes as modulebased samsung says this approach will ultimately allow customers to create a tv sized just for their needs

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