What Kind Of Oil Does Audi A4 Take

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what type of oil to use in an audi a4 the audi motor oil information on these pages should not be used as a substitute for what your vehicle owners manual factory service manual or authorized audi dealer recommends consult your owners manual for the correct type of audi oil that is to be used for your specific audi model, what type of signal does the oil temp and level sensor all one unit generate in the audi tt and a4a6 vehicles is it a variable voltage or some type of pwm signal if pwm what frequency is the bas , recommended type of engine oil for audi a4 how much do you need recommended oil specs for audi a5 models recommended audi a5 oil specifications quality standards and oil viscosity weight are specified in your owners manual if you have lost your owners manual and are having difficulty determining what type of audi a5 oil to use you may wish to refer to our blau audi oil change kits which match the correct audi a5 oil for your specific model, 2003 audi a4 quattroan oil change and during inspectionleft rear i have a 2003 audi a4 18t quattro i took it for an oil change and during inspection the technician found that the left rear shock was leaking fluid, thank kevin you can use 5w40 synthetic oil that meets volkswagen standards 50200 and 50500 alternatively you can use 5w30 0w40 or 0w30 if the light you are referring to is a low engine oil level warning light and the oil level is actually ok then the warning light circuit should be diagnosed and repaired see 2017 audi a4 oil type specifications view 2017 audi a4 oil type manufacturer details, the recommended engine oil for a 2010 audi a4 20 engine is sae 5w40 viscosity oil if sae 5w40 is not available sae 5w30 or sae 0w40 may be used instead keep learning, i have a 2006 audi a4 what oil do i need what will work please i need an answer asap does it take synthetic oil only and can i use any kind of synthetic oil please let me know thank you samgot23yahoocom with the 2006 audi a4 quarto sedan

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