Wiring Diagram Additionally Electrical Panel On Dish Get

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The electrical wiring process is not too difficult. The biggest difference you or your builder face is installing a transformer with enough power to activate all of the chimes. Single door chimes work best with 16-volt, 10-watt transformers. To power your additional chime(s), you will need to install a 16-volt, 30-watt transformer. The voltage and wattage of transformers is stamped or printed on the body of the unit. The 30-watt transformer can be located almost anywhere in the house. I prefer to locate it near the main electric panel for easy access.

Always install all low-voltage wires to a transformer before you connect it to the regular household current. If you don't do this, you can cause an electrical short that will harm the transformer, the chimes, and/or yourself.

The wiring of the second chime is not too difficult. Purchase 18- or 20-gauge wire that is Underwriters Laboratories Inc. approved. Make sure the wire is the solid type, not stranded. Purchase a large spool containing several hundred feet. You will be surprised at how much wire you will use.

New door chimes are easy to install in a series. The instructions that are packed with the chimes will show you or the builder how to install the wiring so that all chimes will operate at the same time. It is critical to install all necessary wires to make sure the system will work. Often you will need a minimum of 4 separate wires that run between the door chimes.

Once you have made all of the connections between each individual chime and the different door chime switches, you can energize the new transformer. Keep in mind that you must use similar door chimes throughout the house. Don't make the mistake of trying to install a fancy 4- or 8-note chime for your primary chime and then traditional 2-note (ding-dong) door chimes in other parts of the house.

Fancy door chimes often require a fifth wire that is run between the door chime and the door buttons. That can get complicated. Leave this to a professional electrician.

If you wish to avoid all of the wiring hassles, you may installthe new wireless door chimes. These are very clever devices. The chimes themselves are very attractive. Many have up to a 100-foot operating range. You can even get one that has a fancy 8-note chime. Because the wireless models come with over 50 different codes, your TV remote and garage door operators will not cause the chime to activate.

You can also purchase wireless door chimes that work by adapting a single door chime within your new home. These models allow you to install just one standard door chime and then extra radio-controlled equipment that signals other door chimes in other rooms. These simple devices work well and may be the solution if you and your builder are door chime challenged!

Source : http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1999-06-26/news/9906260080_1_chimes-transformer-wiring

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