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Legend has it that millennials are wedded to their devices, and that the reason they use so much vocal fry is possibly that their voices are rusty from underuse. (Actually, women adopt the speech pattern known as vocal fry because it implies power and upward mobility—we are conditioned to think low gravelly tones will command more respect in a society that still associates male speech with dominion. So if you don’t like vocal fry, help fight sexism!) In this survey, however, 51 percent of respondents said they preferred talking to their colleagues in person, rather than texting (14 percent), emailing (19 percent), or Gchatting (7 percent). Of course, workplace interactions are often more formal than social ones—not to mention that millennials frequently work with non-millennials for whom texting is less natural. But two Bentley professors had alternate explanations for the result: Ian Cross, who directs the Bentley Center for Marketing Technology, said millennials may seek out in-person chats because they “need more validation than previous generations.” They crave “praise” and “clear direction,” both of which are likelier to emanate from meat-world tete-a-tetes. And Bentley psychology professor Aaron Nurick posited that millennials “yearn for more personal communication and real relationships, in part because these opportunities have become so rare for their generation.”

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