5 Game Changing Cars At The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

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Nissan teatro for dayz concept car
The Teatro for Dayz at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Reuters/ Reuters Staff
Nissan unveiled their concept car, the Teatro for Dayz, at the Tokyo Motor Show today, and the interior is entirely covered in screens.

The inside of the car functions like a giant tablet. Passengers can use the touch screen to change the interior's aesthetic, make video calls, and even play video games.

The car is essentially targetted at Millenials, or as the Japanese automaker calls them, the "share native" generation. The Teatro for Dayz is meant to give owners and passengers an easier way to share their experiences. Selfies can be taken.

"It's a vehicle and a high-tech mobile gadget," Satoru Tai, executive design director, says in a video about the car. "We hope to appeal to a generation that sees the car as more than just transportation."

Here's all the ways you can play with this car:

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/the-nissan-concept-car-at-the-tokyo-motor-show-is-like-a-tablet-2015-10

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