7 Things To Know About The Ford GT Supercar

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Ford’s best selling vehicles might be trucks, but the automaker’s most coveted product is the GT supercar.

All about innovation and performance, the latest generation GT is a vehicle built in very limited numbers. Prospective purchasers had to apply for the privilege to buy one of the iconic Fords. No positive outcome was guaranteed.

But Lee Miller of Calgary Fasteners & Tools was determined to submit an application. He wanted to add a 2018 Ford GT to his family’s collection. Miller believes it was the innovative video shot by his amateur filmmaking co-worker Jason Johnson that helped secure a car.

“I had in my mind what I wanted to do,” Miller says, adding, “But Jason said, ‘No, I think we should do it this way,’ and came up with a script and directed me. It worked out very well, because it became more of a story than just me talking about each individual car in our collection – and that’s what I’d first imagined for the video.”

Miller’s dad, Jerry, started collecting cars in 1995 when he bought a 1958 Ford Fairlane 500. Jerry continued collecting vehicles he’d driven in his youth, and they were mostly Fords.

Before getting too far into Miller’s GT story, however, here’s a little history about Ford and the GT; it’s a relationship that dates back to the early 1960s when a Ford V8 powered a Lola-built Mk 6 racecar. Seeking a measure of revenge on Enzo Ferrari for a failed Ford purchase of the Italian automaker, Henry Ford II brought the battle to the Le Mans racetrack. In pursuit of that goal, in 1963 Lola provided Ford with two of its mid-engine chassis, and the team came up with the GT/101 — 12 prototypes were built.

By 1964, the car was known as the GT40 Mk I and after an unspectacular season, racing legend Carroll Shelby became involved with the project. In 1966, under Shelby’s direction with the GT40 Mk IIs powered by 7.0-litre Ford V8 engines the automaker took first, second and third places at Le Mans. From that victory, Ford again took first at Le Mans — ahead of Ferrari — in 1967 in Mk IV GT40s.