Audi R8 RWS Shaves 26,000 Off Supercars Price Tag

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Well, Acura is certainly a hot mess these days...but I wouldn't count them out just yet. While sales have been sliding they still sell a considerable amount. I don't expect them to reach Tier 1 status in 5 years (even after the 09TL/09TSX/09RL are all replaced with new generation models) like their marketing spin doctors have stated. But I see them doing more of the same...good sales when full model makeover cars are introduced, a slight increase in interest during a minor model make over (the 09RL is ugly indeed, but there is buzz about the car now, even though it's negative) and very poor sales as these cars reach the end of their model cycles.

I think this is where most German brands have an advantage, people will buy them a year, a month, a day before they are replaced with a new model just to get a good deal and buy into the prestige of having one. German brands also tend to carry over their design language or change them very subtly constantly so as to keep up the brand image - a good strategy in building brand value.

We also have to remember that Acura/Lexus/Infinti were created in the '80's using a very different logic in the market place. It is very possible if they introduced these luxury level cars now they would not need a second luxury division to 'dupe' buyers into buying tarted up versions of mainstream cars. Look at Hyundai and the Genesis - selling under their own nameplate.

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