Boonville Man Accused Of Molesting Four Young Boys

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COOPER COUNTY, Mo. - A Boonville man was charged with sodomy or attempted sodomy, incest and child molestation after he was accused of molesting four boys. 

According to the probable cause statement, the victims told Cooper County deputies that the alleged molestations happened over the past several years at Gary Korte's residence. 

One child told deputies that in 2015, he was touched in his private area over his clothes by Korte while they were in bed together. 

A second victim said that in the summer of 2014, Korte touched his private area over his clothes. 

Another child said that in 2015, Korte grabbed his private area. 

The fourth victim told officers he had been molested by Korte over the past few years. He claimed Korte had touched his private area multiple times while he was naked and in bed with him. 

Detectives said Korte admitted to molesting one child over the past few years, but did not admit molesting the three other boys. 


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